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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

gods at War

Who Do You Worship

Who do you worship?  Before you answer this question, know what the definition of worship is, and what or who can be considered a god, not a God.  Are you sure you have not, and are not, breaking the first commandment?  Thou shall have no other gods before me- Exodus 20:3, anything less is called idolatry.  Those who believe they have not and will not break this commandment, need to first read the book gods at War, by Kyle Idleman.   Surprisingly, most people are breaking the first,  and most reinforced commandment of the Bible, every day.
   Idolatry can be defined as "anything that becomes the purpose or driving force of your life", is summed up as idolatry.  There are many gods taking first place, where God should be, and no other.  According to Idelman, some examples of gods are money, pornography, entertainment, overeating, success, and romance. Every one of these things is not sinful on its own, unless they are worshiped, put before our Lord.   Even "goals can become gods, when we begin to serve and sacrifice for them." Learning to identify the false gods,   can eliminate them by taking them captive, as they should be.  "Sin doesn't just spring up out of nowhere, it is usually grown where some kind of seed has been planted.  The Lord our God, should be the only one in life that is number one in all we do and feel.
 Gods of wars, conveys  the areas in  life that may be taking gods place in our hearts.  Examples, from others personal experiences are included.  Sin is ever increasing, so learning to take "every thought" captive. Idleman helps  us see  the  false gods,  that can be put in front of the Lord.  God should be number one in our lives.  There should never be anything or one, that should be put in front of or beside our God.  Remember our God is a jealous God, as he should be.  He made us, loves us, and gave us his son, because we mean that much to him.  To be a true follower, all gods should be put behind God.
   I found this book to be enjoyable and insightful.  The author, I felt, does well by using testimonies  of others situations.  Scriptures were stated, to back up all the important points.  This is the second book, I have read by this author.  I find his books to be easy to follow, concise, and inspirational.  I had a hard time putting down this book, once I started it.  This is the second book, that I found enjoyable by this author.  Not a Fan is also a great book, written by Kyle Idleman.  I  look forward, to hopefully more to come in the future.
   I would like to thank Booksneeze, netgalley,  the publisher Zondervan,  and the author Kyle Idleman.  I appreciate the complimentary copy of this book, to read and review.  All of the opinions expressed are mine and have not had any cohesion from an outside source

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