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Friday, March 29, 2013

Heaven Here and Now

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   Heaven Here and Now is a Christian based book by David McLaughlan.  One day we who believe in Christ,  will be in heaven.   
What a glorious day that will be!  This book is not about when we get to heaven, but how to enjoy the glimpses of heaven here on earth.  Bits of the Lords graciousness, and heaven sent gifts are all around us, taking the time to see them is the trick. 
   This book was filled with a large amount of mini short stories recognizing the true spirit of the Holy Spirit alive and working in this day and now, here and now.  With as many stories as this author has included in this book, you can be certain there is one if not may you will be able to relate to.  Life is full of goodness if we stop to enjoy those moments.  Life gets in the way, but true happiness is just a glimpse away, depending on whose eyes your are looking through.  As the saying goes, this book will help you to stop and smell the roses in others and your own lives.
   I found this book to be uplifting.  I loved the fact their were such a wide variety of true examples in this book.  This is not a teach you how to change, or find new ways to live type of book.  But it is a self help book, because it helps you see what is and has been right in front of our eyes.  The one thing I found frustrating was the author, did not seem to have a straight forward outline for this book.  The organization seemed chaotic, rambling, and out of sequence to me, anyway.  But all in all, its a great feel good, change your day, change your outlook book.
   Thanks so much to Barbour Publishing Inc., the author David McLaughlan, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.  All of this review is based solely on this writers opinion. 

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