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Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Hopping

This website has been up and running for about one month now.  I am proud to say I have complete a book review for an online book for blog site.  Now, I am trying out blob hopping, I have seen some awesome sites that bloggers have put lots of time and effort into them.  But, this of course, has made mine look very newbie style.  So as you come through here the next couple of days, remember when you first started, leave a comment, a tip, leave any advice you think would help this newbie out!  Oh, and if you can see it in your heart to join my group, I promise it will be work in progress, you wont be disappointed to have joined.  Happy blog hopping!
I have tried to join everyone's blogs that I have hopped, bloggers should support their peers, were a special breed!


  1. Hi there ...I am visiting from the blog hop ( I found IT through another persons post and THEIR post was on a linky party ) LOL I have been hopping this morning :) Have a nice Sunday! :)

  2. Hi Suzanne :) I am apart of the 'share the love blog hop' & a new follower. I certainly understand how you feel about having a "newbie" blog page. I am slowly learning and growing and it is so fun to figure it out. Good luck!