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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Gospel of Yes, by Mike Glenn

The Gospel of Yes is a book written by Mike Glenn. Being positive, and saying "yes" to everything regarding religion and  spiritual gifts appears to be the main purpose of this book.
The books seemed drawn out to me, and barley based in biblical scripture.  The scriptures that were quoted, Mr. Glenn, turned around to support his "yes" theory.
I agree, as the book states, religion should not make you miserable.  There is more then enough biblical scripture to support this.  Glenn continued to turn around biblical scripture for his own objectives.
Glenn is a preacher, who starts out the book with a dilemma.  He is frustrated with God, so he says he challenged the mighty Lord to speak to him.  After receiving his answer, the "Yes" Gospel is born.

I found this book to be very long, boring, and
misrepresentations of the subject matter. Being positive, doing what you can, keeping your sights on God, and always saying yes to your spiritual gifts is your purpose on earth and will make life great.    That seemed to be the gist of the story. Some scriptures were quoted throughout the book, but then turned around to support the yes theory.

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