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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is your Favorite Christian Book, and why, excluding the Bible ?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally Free: Living Free and Loving Life

Written By: Kim Tabor
Copyright: 2011

I found this book while searching online for a free women's bible study.  Living free written by Kim tabor, was offered by Laura Rath at .  Kim  tabor is married to Brian Tabor a preacher, in ministries.  They both run Tabor Ministries, offering women's conferences and retreat  What a blessing Kim Tabor has been with both her book, singing, and ministry.
Focus, Restoration, enjoyment, are choices she teaches to find freedom.  Satan plants seeds of doubt over our self esteem at an early age.  Seeing and finding these seeds takes using our spiritual  eyes.  We need to look through God's eyes, our spiritual eyes, not our human eyes. Restoration then can take place,  we find the broken pieces and put them before God and fix them.  Eventually, enjoyment comes and brings us joy.  Christian's were not meant to be miserable, we were meant to enjoy life to the abundant.  Enjoying one another, our lives, and most of all enjoying our relation ship with the one who made us.  God gave his son to die for us, he wants a loving relationship, we need to treat him as though he's our best friend, or we should anyway.  HCSB John 10:10 A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy.  I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance. 
I found this book enlightening and enjoyable.  Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down.  I will be looking for my seeds and filling those areas with God.  I would recommend this book highly.  God should be my best friend, he should be the first one not the last one I go to with troubles.  I am thankful for Kim, her husband, and all the other authors who put their time into helping the hurting and bringing our focus back were it belongs.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Hopping

This website has been up and running for about one month now.  I am proud to say I have complete a book review for an online book for blog site.  Now, I am trying out blob hopping, I have seen some awesome sites that bloggers have put lots of time and effort into them.  But, this of course, has made mine look very newbie style.  So as you come through here the next couple of days, remember when you first started, leave a comment, a tip, leave any advice you think would help this newbie out!  Oh, and if you can see it in your heart to join my group, I promise it will be work in progress, you wont be disappointed to have joined.  Happy blog hopping!
I have tried to join everyone's blogs that I have hopped, bloggers should support their peers, were a special breed!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Gospel of Yes, by Mike Glenn

The Gospel of Yes is a book written by Mike Glenn. Being positive, and saying "yes" to everything regarding religion and  spiritual gifts appears to be the main purpose of this book.
The books seemed drawn out to me, and barley based in biblical scripture.  The scriptures that were quoted, Mr. Glenn, turned around to support his "yes" theory.
I agree, as the book states, religion should not make you miserable.  There is more then enough biblical scripture to support this.  Glenn continued to turn around biblical scripture for his own objectives.
Glenn is a preacher, who starts out the book with a dilemma.  He is frustrated with God, so he says he challenged the mighty Lord to speak to him.  After receiving his answer, the "Yes" Gospel is born.

I found this book to be very long, boring, and
misrepresentations of the subject matter. Being positive, doing what you can, keeping your sights on God, and always saying yes to your spiritual gifts is your purpose on earth and will make life great.    That seemed to be the gist of the story. Some scriptures were quoted throughout the book, but then turned around to support the yes theory.

Mike Glenn - The Gospel Of Yes Promotional Video